Registers and starts a driver with specified name (without ".sys" extension), saved to specified folder.
NF_STATUS nf_registerDriverEx(const char * driverName, const char * driverPath)


The name of network hooking driver, without ".sys" extension.
The full path to a folder containing the specified driver.

Return Values

NF_STATUS_SUCCESS on success, or other NF_STATUS error code on fail.

Windows API function GetLastError() returns an extended error code in case if the function returns NF_STATUS_FAIL.


When the flag NFF_DISABLE_AUTO_REGISTER is enabled using nf_setOptions, any application that uses driver API tries to register the driver automatically during a call to nf_init, if it is not yet registered. The administrative rights are required to perform this operation. The driver starts immediately after registration, and reboot is not required. The driver will be loaded automatically on each system start. When the driver is registered and started, a client process doesn't require administrative rights for using it via API.


Driver type WFP, TDI
Header nfapi.h
Library nfapi.lib