Specifies the number of worker threads and initialization flags.
void nf_setOptions(DWORD nThreads, DWORD flags)


Number of worker threads for NF_EventHandler events.
A combination of flags from NF_FLAGS:
NFF_NONE = 0 - no flags
NFF_DONT_DISABLE_TEREDO = 1 - Don't disable Teredo service. By default the API disables it to avoid BSODs in some cases on Windows 7 and higher.
NFF_DONT_DISABLE_TCP_OFFLOADING = 2 - Don't disable TCP offloading for network adapters. It is disabled by default to avoid issues with connectivity in some cases.
NFF_DISABLE_AUTO_REGISTER = 4 - Disables automatic registering of the driver during nf_init call. NFF_DISABLE_AUTO_START = 8 - Disables automatic start of the driver in nf_init.


The function can be called before nf_init. If it is called after the initialization, the changes are not applied until the library is reinitialized. By default nThreads = 1 and flags = 0. It means that the events are indicated from a single thread and all flags are disabled. When nThreads=0 the code detects the number of processors and uses the equal number of threads.


Driver type WFP, TDI
Header nfapi.h
Library nfapi.lib