Driver registry settings

It is possible to specify additional parameters for WFP driver in it's registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\<driver name> as the following values. The parameters are applied on loading the driver.

seclevel - DWORD value, specifying access restrictions for the driver device.

It is possible to specify a bitmask:

0 - no restrictions, allow access for all accounts.
1 - allow access for LocalSystem account.
2 - allow access for administrative accounts.
4 - allow access for authenticated users.

seclevel=3 - allow access only for LocalSystem and administrative accounts.

disabledcallouts - DWORD value, allowing to disable unused callouts by type for better performance.

It is possible to specify a bitmask:

0 - use all callouts.
1 - disable TCP filtering callouts.
2 - disable UDP filtering callouts.
4 - disable IP packet filtering callouts.
8 - disable bind redirection callouts.

disabledcallouts=3 - disable filtering for TCP and UDP.

This settings are applicable only to WFP driver.