Specifies an event handler for IP events.
void nf_setIPEventHandler(NF_IPEventHandler * pHandler)


Pointer to NF_IPEventHandler.


The function can be called after nf_init for filtering IP packets. The IP events are indicated when NF_FILTER_AS_IP_PACKETS flag is specified in rule filteringFlag field. If NF_READONLY flag is also specified in the same rule, the packets are indicated only for monitoring in read only mode. In this case NFIF_READONLY flag is set in flags variable of NF_IP_PACKET_OPTIONS structure for the appropriate packets, and they are ignored by nf_ipPostSend/nf_ipPostReceive methods.
Note that IP filter bypasses loopback traffic. It indicates only communications with remote hosts.

IP filtering is supported only with WFP driver.


Driver type WFP
Header nfapi.h
Library nfapi.lib