I found a bug in drivers

The drivers support generating debug logs. Please use the following steps:

- Install a suitable version of the driver from bin\driver\tdi\wpp, bin\driver\wfp\wpp. The folder also contains scripts and a tracing utility tracelog.exe.

- Reboot the system.

- Stop your filtering application.

- Execute tracelog_start.bat

- Start your filtering application and reproduce the issue.

- Execute tracelog_stop.bat

The driver log will be saved to LogFile.Etl in the same folder with scripts. Send it with a description of the issue to support@netfiltersdk.com. Also include your builds of the driver sys and pdb files if you build the driver from sources.

Additionally it is necessary to generate WFP state information for detailed analysis of possible conflicts with other drivers:
netsh wfp capture start
netsh wfp capture stop

The commands generate a file wfpdiag.cab with required data in current directory.

Also save the list of installed drivers, required to identify the third-party filters:
driverquery /V /FO list > driverlist.txt