class PFObject

The objects of this class encapsulate one or more data streams, describing a protocol object.


tPF_ObjectType getType();
Returns object type.
void setType(tPF_ObjectType type);
Set object type.
bool isReadOnly();
Returns true if the object is read-only, i.e. posting it to session has no effect.
void setReadOnly(bool value);
Assigns read-only flag.
int getStreamCount();
Returns a number of object streams.
PFStream * getStream(int index = 0);
Returns a stream at the specified position.
void clear();
Clears object streams.
PFObject * clone();
Creates a copy of object.
PFObject * detach();
Creates a copy of object by moving all streams of old object to new one. The original object streams become empty. This method is useful as a faster analogue of clone(). For example it makes sense to use detach() during implementing a queue of objects indicated via dataAvailable().
void free();
Deletes object in case if it was created via PFObject_create(), clone() or detach().


Header PFObject.h
Library ProtocolFilters.lib